Regeneration 2019

Regeneration: New Work about Regeneration, resilience and resurgence

The places where we live inhabit us.
All painting done with feeling is a self portrait of the artist. My work is about disadvantage, opportunity, regeneration and making the most of our time on earth. I record and reimagine the urban spaces of my youth, and the world we have made.  It's down to the spaces we live in  and the ways we are compelled to live.   Art's not the answer, but it is a mirror and seeing things as they are and how they might become is a good start to making changes for the better. Artists can't make a better world but we can show what it looks like. Its not a perfect world, but it can be a better one, so I am compelled to create work about seeing beauty in imperfection and living life to the full. We have to believe in regeneration.
Everything you can imagine is real. Oil, spray, dry media 60x48" 2019

Selected Works

Memories Should Burn Like Embers. Oil , spray, dry media and college 1.5M sq 2019
Council house Days - (or a hell of heaven). Oil 96x48 (detail)
Garden Of Delights. Oil and mixed media on photograph. 2019
And such gardens are not made - a meditation in oils. Oil 3.5x2M in progress
Sometimes Beauty is Enough. Oil 1.5M sq 2019
Not You, just flowers. Oil 1.5M sq 2019
To Winter, a colour. Oil 1.5M sq
Martin Kinnear, The Painted Garden, 2019