'all artists need a crucible through which their art is formed. The tension in Britiain between tradition and change defines my work '

Martin Kinnear is a British oil painter and writer. His work explores themes of loss, resilience, change and regeneration. Kinnear creates bodies of work in oil, in words and using places to tell stories about modern day Britain, and how we have become whom we are. His current project Regeneration documents life in the North of England through the artist's relationship to the tradition of British landscape painting.
Like many British artists of the past his work is more than a visual record  into life here in  Britain.  Kinnear doesn't paint simply what he sees. He paints from memory of how it seemed to him to live here, now, and in our time.
Artist's Statement 
I use words and poetry to distill memories of what I see and experience;  they become cyphers for my paintings.
In the liminal space between words and images I aim to reconcile my experience of  British life, with the British painting tradition I love,  and of a country in the grip of change..
A crack den near the artist's studio from pictures of modern life and regeneration. Martin Kinnear 2019
Assembly of recalled landscape (Empire Mill). Oil 2019
Assembly of recalled landscape . Oil 2019
Utopia from Regeneration. Oil spray and dry media 36x20" 2019. This brutalist centrepiece of Nelson, Lancs, has since been demolished. I feel compelled to create a record of and bear witness to our post industrial British landscapes.
Homes fit for heroes. Oil, spray and dry media on photographic print 36x20" 2019 from Regeneration
Various Oils in the studio 2019
Kinnear near his studio on an abandoned American airbase in the flat lands of East Anglia. To understand the Britain of today we have to engage with our past.
Painting Britain from memory. The fall of the Tees. Oil 48x36"