'all artists need a crucible through which their art is formed, mine was disadvantage, mine was disability.'

Martin Kinnear is an oil painter and writer. His work explores themes of loss, resilience, change and regeneration, his painting illustrates how, since  a devastating stroke, he has powerfully and emotively brought these themes to galeries and exhibitions across the UK and in Europe. Martin creates bodies of work in oil, in words and using places to tell stories about how we have become whom we are. His current project REGENERATION documents his experiences of poverty and exclusion and is about how where we live inhabits us.
Regeneration. Martin Kinnear 2019
Utopia from Regeneration. Oil spray and dry media 36x20" 2019
Sleeping Bag. from Regeneration (2019)
Homes fit for heroes. Oil, spray and dry media on photographic print 36x20" 2019 from Regeneration
Various Oils in the studio 2019
Disability is about coming to terms with imperfection. My work is about making the most of our time
The Wall. From Regeneration 2019