Selected Work 2015-19

Or A Hell of Heaven (council house days). Oil 96x48" 2018.

My work is rarely what I set out to create. All paintings done with feeling, whatever their subject, are also self portraits of the artist, so when I set out to paint I know I 'm really painting myself; and that's uncomfortable.

Selected Works 2016-2019

Milltown . Oil 48x36".  2019.
Burnsall Winter. Medaille d'Argent. 2019 Paris Salon (Societe Nationale des Beaux Arts).
The Red Mill , Oil 48x36" 2019. Salford, Barrowford, Burnley, Bradford, Nelson, in my mind these distinct places have become one. The mill is my distillation of the industrial north of my past.
These Bare Places. Oil 60x48 2019. I came to see the huddled cottages, and farms of the high Dales as a record of the generations who were made by that place. As the mill towns made me, the hills made them. 
Nelson, Mills. Oil 48x36" 2019
Carr Road Mill bay the canal where my great grandfather drowned. Oil on canvas 244x122cm. 2019.
The red back door. Oil on canvas 1M sq 2018
Back Street Burnley. Oil 48x40"
Slum chapel. Oil 122x92cm. 2018
Old town. Oil 48x36 2019
These Soft Forces. Oil 48x36" 2019
Green is the Colour. Oil 48x36. 2018
Don't Say You Hadn't Enough Time. Oil 36x48. 2016
And Such Gardens Are Not Made. Oil 96x48" 2015