The North (2018/19)

My current work The North isn't what I intended to paint - but the subject chooses you.

Walking to Victoria Park Nelson. Around 1973
The bottom of Lomeshaye Rd, Nelson around 1972

They say that all paintings done with feeling are self portraits, so I shouldn't be surprised that after decades avoiding the place I'm back in the North and painting it.

Why? We are defined by our past I guess, and more than that need to make whatever sense we can of our future. I tell myself that I'm painting the North as a record of what I see there - and what I see is seen through the lens of nearly fifty years of inequality, disability and prejudice - not all of the latter on my side.

Welcome to The North.

Carr Road Mill bay the canal where my great grandfather drowned. Oil on canvas 244x122cm 2018
The red mill a mile from home. Oil on canvas 122x92cm.2018
The red back door. Oil on canvas 1M sq 2018
Back Street Burnley. Oil 48x40"
Slum chapel.oil 122x92cm. 2018
Old town Martin kinnear oil 48x36 2018