Beyond Here . 2017/18

Beyond Here

Green is the Colour - one of two oils accepted by the Société Nationale des Beaux Arts for hanging in the 2018 Salon des Beaux Arts, Paris. 

Beyond Here: An Artist’s Return To The Dales by Martin Kinnear.

Oscar Wilde observed that, all paintings done with feeling, whatever their subject, are also self portraits of the artist, so when I set out to paint the North of my childhood after years away from here, I knew I was really painting myself. 

I chose to paint not just the industrial sprawl of mill towns where I was raised, but the majesty of the Dales, where I’d long aspired to be. It’s taken me half a lifetime to get a couple of hours down the road; but simple is not the same as easy. 

Along the way I learned that where we come from makes us who we are, and where we live helps us to become who we wish to be. The Dales is a special place because in its wild remote places we have an opportunity to come face to face with ourselves.  

So while these are paintings about me, they are really paintings about you, this place and all of us.

Selected Works 2017/18
Burnsall, Winter. Oil 48x42" Medaille D' Argent  at the Société Nationale des Beaux Arts for the 2018 Salon  Paris.
The Land Agent. Oil 48x36"
Sons of the Soil. Oil 48x36"
Field Lines and the marks of man. Dry media 16x12"
The Old Bothy. Oil 1M Sq
October. The Drive To Hawes and Back Again . Oil 96x48"
Huddled (Askrigg, Winter). Oil 60x48"
Swaledale Night. Oil 48x36"
Divine. ( A secular cathedral for our age). Oil 60x48"

About the Show

Beyond Here was two years on the making, and follows artist Martin Kinnear's journey back to a place he loved as a child, but due to his circumstances remained elusive and out of reach.
Originally conceived as a landscape painting project , Beyond Here soon grew to become an exploration of aspects of the area which made Kinnear feel 'present, aware and alive'.
Encompassing works about the patterns of life on the land, people, places and the seasons  Beyond Here is not just a visual diary, but an enjoinment to live in the present, and truly experience life.