Beyond Here . New Work for 2018/19 about the Yorkshire Dales

Beyond Here

Detail of 'Sacred the Night' Oil 18x24"
My next show 'Beyond Here' is scheduled for 2018/19. Beyond Here is a love letter to the hopes and dreams of the man I once was, and a challenge to the person I have become.
World Without End (The Cove). WIP 60x48" Oil and dry media
In 2017 my wife Jane and I took a studio in the Dales, because as a child growing up in the industrial sprawl of East Lancashire, they were just about the same thing as Paradise. I guess that I wanted to be that man, wanted to live that life, start the clock again  as my new older and wiser self.
And then Violet. Oil 1m square WIP
So Beyond Here is a story really, a story about how our dreams colour the way we see the world, and how I  came to learn that we cannot return to them. The past sides up silently behind me like a glass wall. I can imagine how the past might have turned out, but living it remains out of reach; visible only in my imagination.  All I have now is the future.
Petrol Blue, the Hills before the Storm. Oil 20x30"
My themes are big. Time, The impossibility of permanence. The transience of experience. The persistence of memory and the enduring quality of hope.  To this I add the question 'why can I live there in my old home, as I can in no other place?'
And Such A Church . Oil 60x48"
A year in, I'm still grappling with the complexity of this but I have made a start.  I think in words and pictures, often words come first. I was a writer before I was not. Some of the works on this page may make the cut, more likely they will not. Art is a destructive process.
The Tower. Dry media on board 16x12". One of many preparatory and working sketches which I hope to exhibit with the project.

Various Works In Progress

Preparatory Works

Creativity is iterative, so I had to get it wrong before I could even start to make it right. To read why I'm rejecting these works see my Blog Dark pines, cool and resinous. sudden light on distant grey green hills, sullen trees marching into purple veils of rain up the dale. Yellow white sunlight the wind whickering, never still. Oil 60x48" IMG_3666 IMG_3640 2