Spring Show Announced

Holkham. Interdisciplinary media on canvas. 60x48". 2019
Very excited to announce that we'll be hosting a great weekend event here in North Norfolk in late May, featuring entirely new works, and a chance to enjoy the amazing gardens at Shammer for our guests.

Medaille D' Argent, at the Salon for 'Burnsall  Winter'

I'm absolutely thrilled to announce that my Salon entry for 2018 was awarded a coveted Medaille D' Argent, which I received from the hugely talented Catherine Sévérac, Présidente de la section Peinture and Vice-Présidente de la SNBA.
Martin Kinnear at the Society Nationale des Beaux Arts 2018 Salon, with Burnsall Winter, Oil on canvas 48x36" , 2018 (medaille d' argent)./
Martin Kinnear on stage with the recipients of prizes at the Salon
Martin Kinnear at the Salon 2018

Salon Success

I an very pleased and honoured to announce that several works from my forthcoming show Beyond Here were accepted by the Société Nationale des Beaux Arts for hanging  at their 2018 Salon des Beaux Arts at the Louvre, Paris.  The one I have chosen to send is Burnsall, Winter  (Oil 48x40"), which will be on display as part of an exhibition of selected works from the show at Tennants of Leyburn from Oct 24 - 4 November. 
Burnsall, Winter (Oil 48x40" 2017). At Tennants of Leyvburn until 4 Nov and the Salon des Beaux Arts, Paris Dec 2018.
There will be a ticketed artists talk about the making of this project which I wrote about for four editions of The Artist Magazine (Spring -Summer 2018), the talk will take place from 2pm - 4pm  and includes refreshments, plus a chance to see the works, and hear about how they were made. A PDF pack on the show for gallerists and curators is available directly from me - simply drop my studio manager a line

Read All About it - New Series in The Artist

I'm delighted to announce that my 2018 series with The Artist Magazine has been confirmed . My new four parter The Colour Of Landscape will focus on choosing and using colour palettes to evoke the mood of summer in your paintings, but will be a great way to help you take charge of your palette, make better colour decisions and do more with less.
Look out for my next series starting June 2019

New Studio

Due to ill health the School gallery will now be relocated to our main premises at the School, allowing the site at North Creake to once again become my studio. If you previously enjoyed viewing and buying works directly from me in North Creake then you'll be pleased to hear that my studio will once again be open  by appointment to my patrons.
Back to my old studio - please call for an appointment to view and purchase works.
Expect to see lots of new exciting work - some of it large scale.